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Wimbledon Betting

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Wimbledon Betting

The Championships, Wimbledon is the most prestigious lawn tennis tournament which has been held annually since 1877. Naturally, Wimbledon betting and bookies odds are available all the year round culminating in late June and early July over two weeks when competition begins.

What is also needed to be said it is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is a part of Grand Slam competitions alongside with Australian Open, French Open and US Open. Since the beginning it has been held at the All England Club in London. Moreover, the tournament is the only major still played on grass.

How to bet on Wimbledon

The online bookmakers provide various options for this event. First of all it is Tournament Winner Wimbledon betting odds. They are divided into five types: Gentlemen's Singles, Ladies' Singles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Ladies' Doubles and Mixed Doubles. So, you need to choose a specific tennis-player or a pair of players in doubles which will win in tournament final.

Wimbledon Betting

Such odds are available even from winter and represent a sort of outright markets. However, there many options which appear close competition beginning. It may be:

  • Match Winner - you simply bet on which player you think is going to win a particular match;

  • Set Betting – to define a precise set score like in football;

  • Handicap – when one of the players is handicapped (sets or games);

  • Set or Game Totals Over/Under - whether a match will end over or under 3.5 total sets or 30.5 games.

By the way in Wimbledon betting there are some specific things. For example, tennis betting odds Wimbledon comprise such exotic ones as:

  • Any player to be asked to change as clothing doesn’t comply with rules?;

  • Any player to be cautioned for excessive grunting on court?;

  • Full Day's play washed out (not inc. Centre Court);

  • No Rain To Fall At Wimbledon During Play;

  • Snow To Fall At Centre Court During The Wimbledon Championship;

  • Official Caterers for the event to run out of Champagne or Strawberries?

Competition traditions

As a rule Wimbledon finishes with the Ladies' and Gentlemen's Singles Finals which are always scheduled for the second Saturday and Sunday of July respectively. Every year five major, junior and invitational events are held. Moreover, a strict dress code for competitors is among tournament traditions.

Wimbledon Betting

Main grounds of the tennis tournament are Centre Court and No. 1 Court which are used only during Wimbledon, i.e. for two weeks a year. However, if exceptional circumstances appear the competition can be extended into a third week. Other 17 courts are regularly engaged for other All England Club events all the year round. It’s also should be noted that sponsor advertising is absent around the courts.

In 2009 a retractable roof was installed due to the possibility of rain during tournament. First of all It protect players from inclement weather because can be closed in about 20 minutes.

128 tennis-players take part in the men's and ladies' singles. According to their international rankings all players and doubles pairs are drawn in knock-out phase with 104 direct entries into the men's and 108 into the ladies' competitions. Moreover, there are eight wild card entrants in both tournaments which get bye through qualifiers.

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