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Live Tennis Betting

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Live Tennis Betting

Probably tennis is one of the most dynamic sports. Serving speed achieved by the ball long ago broke the mark of 200 kilometers per hour. And of course its regularity is important factor which influences the choice for live tennis betting. Different odds are provided by bookies for gamblers.

When any tennis tournament begins a large number of matches take place simultaneously. So for the live tennis betting purposes you need to know previous statistics of every athlete. There are various sites updated regularly which provide many data about tennis-players. Therefore choosing live tennis betting odds you need to follow certain rules.

Surface tips

First of all it should be considered the tournament status: is it ATP, Challenger or Grand Slam. The second thing is the surface of the courts whether events take place on grass, hard-court, clay and indoors. That’s important because different tennis-players have not the same abilities to perform on various surfaces. Someone is very good on grass or hard-court but another ones are shows their bets on the clay. This makes tennis one of the most nuanced and interesting sports to bet on online.

Live Tennis Betting

So professionals called this a betting strategy. That means you place tennis bet live not only for good luck but in a proper way. In live betting tennis there are some numbers of motivating factors, the most important one being the different surfaces. They are changing during the calendar year and knowledge of courts characteristics and the players which are best suited will help you make a winning choice.

Clay, grass and hard-court peculiarities

Tennis tournaments on clay-courts are not regular. They start from April and last till the middle of June when French Open is changed with Wimbledon. So clay is considered to be the slowest surfaces which provoke players to long balls rallies. It is popular on continents, for example, in South and Central America and that’s why many rocket stars learned to play on the red dirt. Rafael Nadal is the most successful player winning 70% of his tournament on the clay. So you need to research and remember who had won clay competitions in the past.

With the end of French Open and Wimbledon start grass-court season joins its rights. And it is difficult for players to make quick transition and adapt to another surface. And this provides another problem for gamblers who place live bet on tennis. The grass is a much quicker than clay and suite players that are superior on the hard-courts.

Live Tennis Betting

Grass season shortly comes to an end lasting only for four weeks. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras are the most successful Wimbledon players. Due to short terms sometimes it’s difficult to decide which player to bet on. In this case look not only at  but at player mood in previous year and his achievements on hard-court.

At the same time the greater part of the season have being played hard surface. This period lasts since August till April of the next year, including the Australian Open, the US Open and the season ending World Tour Finals. There are many players which are dominates on hardcourts, for example, Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Murray. Only few athletes other than this four managed to win Australian and US Open.

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live tennis betting rocks!!! i don't know how to spend weekends better than watching women's tennis)) besides, except satisfaction from watching, I can earn money, it's an amazing past-time, don't you think so? i have some friends who love this sport as much as i do, so we often cheer together but make different bets))) it's another side of the coin, 'cause in such a way we can compete with each other)) let's bet tennis online) uhhh))