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Tennis Betting

Dating back to the 16th century, tennis has developed into a widely popular sport. The game of is played both by one and several players. Tennis betting is loved by fans, betting professionals, and many online bookmaker clients. You can enjoy big advantages and great opportunities to benefit from high odds. We’ll break everything for you in this article

Most detailed information about Tennis Betting


Development of digital TV made betting widely popular among sports fans. Now it is possible to broadcast even small tournaments live in HD. Matches are broadcast on most sports TV channels. Bettors prefer to bet on tennis matches they can watch on TV or on the Internet. It is an ideal sport to place both ordinary and combination bets, both before and during (live betting) the match.


An indisputable advantage of bet on tennis is that monitoring physical condition of players is much easier than in any other sports. It is an individual sport, and monitoring physical form of one or two players is easier than tracking the entire football team.

In this game, you can watch several matches featuring the player in question to estimate their physical condition. Based on this analysis, you can decide which bet on tennis type to place.

Tennis betting types

Compared to other sports, the advantage of bet tennis online both and during the game is obvious. It features frequent comebacks, i.e. situations when a player, who has been experiencing a losing streak, recovers and starts winning. In live betting, the odds are changing lightning fast. Suppose, you placed a bet on underdog with high tennis betting odds (e.g., 4.50). If they perform good in the first set and lead with a break, you can bet on a losing favorite (2.2 odds) and make money regardless of the outcome. This situation is called spread betting.

Tennis betting types


In bet on tennis matches, you need to predict the winner of a match, regardless of score.


You are not predicting the actual winner, but rather how a player performs. The outsider receives a few games advantage (plus handicap). The favorite receives a few games disadvantage (minus handicap) in order to neutralize the difference in quality.

Tennis betting popularity

Total (over/under)

You predict how many sets a match will include. In total, you need to bet on ‘over’ or ‘under.’ For example, total is 19.5. You can bet either on ‘over 1.9’ or ‘under 1.9’.

In total and handicap, a bookmaker offers a variety of additional bet tennis online. You can choose any totals and handicaps.


You need to guess the exact score of the match. All female games and most male games now include three sets. Most men finals used to have 5 sets. Now the number of sets was reduced to three.

Other types

Other tennis betting types include First set winner, Proposition bets, Next point winner, Current game to deuce (yes/no), and more.

Tennis betting popularity

How to bet on tennis and win

  1. Every bettor wants betting to be both entertaining and profitable. To achieve this, you need to take heed of some important factors below.

  2. It is played on multiple surfaces, including grass, clay, and hard material. Court cover is of crucial importance. While some players deliver good results playing on a grass court, others need a clay court to show their best.

  3. A player’s physical shape allows you to roughly estimate their winning chances.

  4. Do not ignore a player’s motivation to win. Make sure to analyze the player’s performance throughout the year and try to figure out the most and the least important competitions.

  5. Head-to-heads. To identify stable patterns, you need to analyze H2H statistics over a couple of years. In the game, head-to-head matches are a dramatically important factor.

  6. ATP vs WT. First and foremost, you need to choose between male and female. АТР and WTA differ heavily by handicaps and totals.