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Rugby World Cup Betting

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Rugby World Cup Betting

Rugby World Cup betting is rather predictable type of gambling. There are several regular favourite in this sport and the bookies odds are the evidence of their underdog status. However, real punters know how to bet on rugby cup and make more cash on enhanced bets.

The tournament has been held since 1987 every four years. It gains more and more popularity because in 2019 as much as 22 national teams are going to compete. That’s of course provides additional options for Rugby World Cup betting. But nevertheless main challengers are considered to be New Zealand (as a current champions), Australia (vice-champion) and South Africa alongside with England, France and Wales.

Twenty-five nations have participated at the RWC (excluding qualifiers). Of the eight tournaments that have been held all but one have been won by a national team from the southern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere's dominance has been broken only in 2003, when England beat Australia in the final.

How to place Rugby World Cup bets

World Cup Rugby betting starts long before final tournament begins. Different online bookmakers provide such option as Outright markets for the Tournament Winner before even qualification campaign. Naturally beginners are trying to choose World Cup Rugby odds on favourites like New Zealand and Australia. However, experienced gamblers may pick up such dark horses as France or Argentina.

Rugby World Cup Betting

Of course it’s rather doubtful that they could lift William Webb Ellis trophy. But these surprises are obviously capable of reaching semi-finals or even final. So advanced gamblers try to catch this Rugby World Cup odds.

Nevertheless the winner is going to be from small circle of teams - only four nations (New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England) have been victorious. For example France was beaten in the finals for three times. And this matter should be necessarily accounted for while betting takes place.

Specials betting possibilities

Alongside with outright markets experienced punters are always looking for some Rugby union World Cup betting options. For example, 80 Minutes Handicap odds. It is extremely useful when one team is obvious underdog and the other is overdog. So to bet on Rugby cup in this case is to endow one squad with preferences and to earn more money.

Rugby World Cup Betting

Double Result markets (half time and full time winners) are another Rugby league World Cup betting possibility for the gamblers. This time overdogs may have greater dominance by winning both halves of the match. But in this case it is better to take “Either Team To Win Both Halves: Yes/No” option.

Anyway betting Rugby league World Cup can be more thrilling when two level class teams are met. So you may bet on total points scored during a single match. Alternatively very popular market is 1st try-scorer as well as predicting the Winning Margin.

The tournament is administered by WR, the sport's international governing body. Sixteen teams were invited to participate in the inaugural tournament in 1987, however since 1999 twenty squads have taken part. Japan will host the next event in 2019.

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