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Statistics on previous games and Premiership betting forecasts

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Statistics on previous games and Premiership betting forecasts

For successful Premiership betting, you need to take time to analyze statistics on the past Premier League seasons. Leicester City is the current Premier League champion. In the last season, the team took its first champion title with 23 wins, 12 draws, and only 3 defeats (twice to Arsenal and once to Liverpool). Leicester’s total score amounted to 81 points. On August 13, Leicester City is playing against Hull City on the latter’s field. This will be the opening match of the new season. Hull City had its Premier League debut in 2008/09 season. Back then it came in 17th and left the League the next year. The team missed the 2015/16 Premier League season. Experts predict Leicester City to beat Hull City at the odds of 2.2.

In Premiership betting, most bets are placed on season winner, with the most obvious contender being Manchester City. The odds for Manchester City are currently at 4.5. In the last season, the team did not make it to the UEFA Champions League. Of its 13 Premier League Cups, Manchester’s took its latest championship title back in the 2012/13 season, before Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

According to Premiership betting analysts, both Arsenal and Tottenham are having pretty good chances to make it to the top 3. Other strong contenders include such teams as West Ham and Everton.

If you’re going to bet on the outcomes of the 1st-round matches, bear in mind that the odds are pretty low. For instance, as of August 13, the odds for Manchester United beating Sunderland stand at 1.2. The odds for Burnley defeating Swansea are 2.8; the odds are higher because both are middle-level teams. Another popular Premiership betting type is betting on total over 2.5, but only for teams with strong strikers.

Between August 13 and May 21, the teams will play as many as 380 games. This opens up a vast array of Premiership betting opportunities for all football betting fans.

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