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Premiership betting: lineup changes

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Premiership betting: lineup changes

A new coach and alterations in a team lineup may have a major impact on its performance. This is why these important factors must be taken into consideration by all bettors following a savvy Premiership betting strategy. Note that the following teams entered into a new season with new coaches:

  • Chelsea;
  • Manchester United;
  • Manchester City;
  • Southampton;
  • Sunderland;
  • Everton;
  • Watford.

Hull City are still on the look for a new coach.

Player transfers that took place in the summer of 2016 in Premier League teams deserve close attention of both football fans and Premiership betting fans.

  • In June, Liverpool signed a long-term contract with Sadio Mané, a winger of Senegal national football team. The footballer played in Premier League 2014-15 and broke the world record for the fastest hat trick.
  • Manchester City purchased a Brazilian Gabriel Jesus;
  • right-back Guillermo Varela left Manchester United and joined Augsburg;

Here are some rumored transfers within Premier League:

  • Manchester United is vying with Real for Paul Pogba of the Torino-based Juventus.
  • Nemanja Matić is planning to leave Chelsea for Juventus;
  • Sunderland may purchase a winger Adnan Januzaj;
  • Mathieu Debuchy is in the middle of the talks to return to Bordeaux from Arsenal;
  • rumors on Riyad Mahrez joining Arsenal have been refuted;
  • Alexander Kolarov may part with Manchester City and join the Turkish Galatasaray;
  • Manchester City is considering purchasing John Stones and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as a right-back and a forward respectively;
  • Chelsea is determined to have back their striker Romelu Lukaku;
  • Liverpool may purchase Anderson Talisca, a midfielder of the Portugese Benfica.

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