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Premiership betting 2016/17: forecasts and bets

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Premiership betting 2016/17: forecasts and bets

On August 13-15, the sports world saw the first round of Premier League matches. Taking place since 1992, Premier League is one of the most popular and anticipated events in the sports betting world. It’s not surprising that bets on Premier League are taken long before the event, and Premiership betting forecasts are monitored closely by all sports betting fans, both professionals and amateurs.

Premier League 2016-2017: table and match schedule

With a detailed match schedule at hand, you surely won’t miss the most exciting Premier League 2016-2017 games. From August 2016 till May 2017, Premier League teams will compete in 38 rounds. The schedule is pretty tight:, with each round lasting from 1 to 3 days. In some rounds, all 20 teams take the field at the same time on the same day but on different stadiums. This means that you won’t be able to watch all Premier League games simultaneously. Different rounds lie 1-2 weeks apart.

During the championship, each of 20 member clubs competes twice with all other rivals in home and away matches. This is why Premier League table features a three-section breakdown:

  • full table;
  • home games;
  • away games.

Premier League teams

Over its rich history, Premier League has incorporated 45 member clubs. The very first seasons featured 22 teams. Since 1995, their number was cut down to 20 and has remained unchanged ever since. Premier League management turned down the proposal by the FIFA to reduce the number of participating teams in 2007/08 season down to 18. Of 45 member clubs, only 6 have been celebrated Premier League champions, including:

  • Manchester United is the leader with 13 champion titles in 24 seasons;
  • Chelsea – 4 titles;
  • Arsenal – 3 titles;
  • Manchester City– 2 titles;
  • Blackburn Rowers – 1 title;
  • Lester City – 1 title.

After a short break, in the 2016-2017 season Premier League welcomed back the following teams:

  • Burnley;
  • Middlesbrough;
  • Hull City.

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