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How to achieve success in NFL betting

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How to achieve success in NFL betting

Over the last 10 years, 9 NFL teams have become Superbowl winners.

‘New York Giants’ is the only football team that managed to win the title twice. The competition is very tough, and almost a half of all NFL teams are having pretty high chances to win the grand finale.

NFL is a high-profile football league, with all 32 teams included in the World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams. On this mind-blowing list, Dallas Cowboys of the NFL is only inferior to Real Madrid.

Major NFL betting types

Outcome betting

Although draws do happen, this is a very uncommon situation for baseball. This is why most betting websites do not take bets on a draw. A draw is followed by overtime. While the game may not have the winner even after overtime, such cases are very few. Be very attentive and check whether your selected bookie takes overtime into account.

Quarter winner betting

This is a great option for live betting.

Quarter NFL betting

First and foremost, you should find out whether your selected bet includes overtime or not. Furthermore, you can bet on quarter total or halftime total (first halftime includes Quarters 1 and 2, the second halftime includes Quarters 3-4).

Handicap betting

You can bet online on regular time, regular time+overtime, specific time, and specific quarter.

Quarter/outcome betting

You need to predict the outcome of the 1st quarter and the entire game.

NFL betting strategy

In NFL you will probably come across very few handicappers. Here we are talking about professional handicappers rather than amateurs which are many in NFL. At the same time, some cappers have developed smart mathematical models describing how bookmaker odds are changing over the time. Of course, there is big temptation to make profits on highly liquid markets oversaturated with money. With specialized websites, you can easily identify profitable trends. Many trends haven’t yet been backed by a sufficient number of matches, though. In this article, we will only focus on a time-tested and reliable trend.

This trend is valid for the early season stage, except for the 1st week. As the odds for the 1st NFL week are published well in advance, i.e. in the late spring, our strategy cannot be used for the very first matches. But there is a strong trend typical for the following weeks: the odds for the underdog are falling. In 90% of games, the odds for the favorite are increasing by the average 7% compared to pre-game odds. We hope you know what to do in such cases. Start betting to grab guaranteed winnings! Remember, though, that this NFL betting strategy is only working for the first weeks, while betting websites are collecting statistical data. Then the situation changes to quite the opposite.

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