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Live betting tips for bigger winnings

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Live betting tips for bigger winnings

The most fatal mistake made by many bettors is knowing little about a certain sport in general or the game they’re about to place a live bet on. On the other hand, we are warning you against trusting the information published on your bookmaker’s betting websites. The problem is that a bookie provides distorted or inaccurate information. Our advice is to use not one but a bunch of reliable sources of information. Sometimes you may come across peculiar odds and have no idea why the bookmaker published a value like this. But a possible explanation may be that a key player was benched by the referee. If you don’t know this, you may make bad live betting decisions which will inevitably result in disappointing losses.

There is a safe live betting tip to help you preserve your hard-earned bankroll: you need to watch the game closely and make your own predictions based on the current situation on the field. We are happy to share with you a simple yet effective betting system. You need to correctly estimate the chances of both rivals to score at least one goal during the match. This task requires lots of patience, though.

Winning live betting strategy

According to statistics, in games with same-level teams, most goals are scored close to the end of the game. While there may be plenty of possible scenarios, one thing is crystal clear: the rivals will be using the last minutes to score a winning goal or at least to tie the game. This interval is ideal for live betting online. You can bet online that the teams will score more than 0.5 goals. More than 0.5 goals means nothing else but at least one scored goal.

To minimize your risks, you should follow the bestbetting guidelines below:

  • Your live bets must not exceed 5% of your entire bankroll. If you have a 100-dollar bankroll, each of your live bets must be 5 dollars tops. Based on experience of multiple bettors, increasing the size of your live bets may result in severe losses. Remember that live betting online requires a certain level of conservatism and self-command.
  • The 65th minute of the game (not later) is an ideal timing to bet online on a goal. Or you can bet on total more than 1.5 on the 30th minute of the match.
  • Live betting odds must be more than 1.65. In ideal scenario, they should be more than 2.0. This is why you should call in all your patience and wait till the odds climb up to the desired level. But sometimes, you need to bet with 1.65 or even 1.55 odds. If the timing is right, do not hesitate and place a bet immediately.
  • Have patience and estimate the situation correctly. In sports betting, it’s not uncommon than a match features no goals at all.

There are the scores that call for a bet on total more than 0.5 (i.e. another goal): 0 – 1, 1 – 0, 1 – 2, 2 – 1. These are all situations when one team has scored a goal and another will do its best to score back in order to win or at least to tie the game. National championships may have a curious situations when the first game ended with a score none of the two rivals is satisfied with. You can place a live bet with 0:0 score, when a favorite is ‘pressing’ its rival and trying to open the score at last. According to statistics, in such scenarios a favorite is most likely to score a goal between the 80 minute and the final whistle.

However, we would not recommend you to apply this strategy when the scores are 0 – 0, 0 – 2, 2 – 0, 3 – 0 and so on. Such situation do not look as intriguing and teams lack strong motivation to change the score. Online betting on total more than 3.5 should also be avoided.

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