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About live betting and the best live betting strategies

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About live betting and the best live betting strategies

This article explores live betting online and the most frequent mistakes made by beginning bettors when placing live bets. Moreover, we will share with you our own live betting strategy that surely deserves your attention. This strategy is included in our special section dedicated to top sports betting strategies.

Suppose, a bettor hit a losing streak and is placing unsuccessful bets one after another. What is spurring them to continue betting? Of course, the wish to get the lost money back. This is a textbook example when a bettor is overcome by pure emotions and starts making reckless decisions. Such behavior results in incorrect predictions and big money losses. This is a quite common scenario for live betting. We are only human and tend to make mistakes.

Why bettors make serious mistakes in live betting

Do not let stereotypes and seemingly ‘correct’ decisions govern your behavior. Live betting online has many pitfalls. You should do your best to avoid them.

In football betting, even the strongest teams – such as ‘Barcelona’, ‘Manchester United’ and others – are sometimes defeated by their less renowned rivals. In tennis betting, many bookmaker clients share an erroneous opinion that if a tennis player wins the first set, they will surely win the entire game. Of course, this is mostly the case, but this does not mean that this is some kind of a rule. To make a correct prediction, a bettor must analyze serve statistics, mistakes, and many other factors. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon that a tennis player wins the first set but still loses the game to their rival.

Live betting odds

In live betting online, the odds are changing lighting-fast. During the first set the odds may be 1.4 and after the second set they may rise to 1.9.

Suppose, you’re watching a football game. The current score is 2:2. Although the rival teams have roughly the same level of professionalism, the odds are different. Team 1 has 1.4 odds, while Team 2 has 2.3 odds. The chances are almost equal. Then there is no use picking lower odds, right?

Basic things you should know about live betting

From a psychological perspective, it’s tough to brace yourself and do not bet on the same sports event twice. Don’t even think of trying to win your lost money back! This would be very reckless and risky. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

  • both in standard and live betting, you should keep a cool head and do not let your emotions control you;
  • your live bet should not exceed 5% of your bankroll.

Following these simple rules is key to stable earnings on live betting. At the same time, we are convinced that live betting is a good option for seasoned bettors rather than beginners.

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