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Live Betting

In live betting, a bettor is placing bets during the game. According to statistics, 80% of bettors prefer live betting over standard betting. Juts like traditional betting, live betting may or may not be combined with a betting strategy.

Live betting online is an important part of what betting websites are offering to their clients. But only top bookies can afford to follow the slightest changes during sports events and adjust their odds accordingly.

Most detailed information about Live Betting

Live betting for beginners

Live betting is not exactly what we would recommend novice bettors. Remember that you will be competing against a professional bookmaker analyst who is an expert in calculating odds. Just like you, they are monitoring all changes during the game and adjusting the odds to secure a bookmaker’s profit margin.

Live betting for beginners

Most inexperienced bettors lose their heads and start increasing their live bets. This will inevitably result in your losing your entire bankroll. You must apply a savvy betting strategy and do not bet more than a pre-determined amount of money.

How to pick sports for live betting online

There is no one-fits-all answer to this question. But there is one key rule, though. You only must bet on sports you are familiar with.

Do not try to succeed in everything at once. Do not place a live bet if you lack relevant information, previous games analysis, and prediction for an upcoming event.

Become an expert in one sport, develop your own optimal strategy, and stick to it throughout the game. Only cold head and thorough analysis can protect you from disappointing losses and increase your bankroll.

How to pick sports for live betting online

How to pick a bookmaker for live betting

For live betting online, you must choose a high-profile and time-tested betting website. Below we have listed the main criteria to focus on when choosing a good bookie. A reliable bookmaker:

  • takes bets fast;
  • has stable odds;
  • offers wide betting lines; and
  • features a mobile app.

Respectable betting companies have flawless reputation, unmatched user service, and many-years’ experience. Such bookies have top ratings.

How to place live bets

An accurate strategy is imperative to live betting success. Without it, your live bets will result in losses.

Do not hurry to make a live bet. Be patient and wait till the right moment. If you’re a beginner, do not increase your bet under any circumstances. Remember that there is no such notion as ‘beginner’s luck’ in live betting online.

Cold head is key to success

Bookmaker’s goal is to confuse a bettor through constantly increasing/decreasing the odds. This strategy is especially effective in tennis and basketball live betting online.

Follow your selected strategy and do not place bets blindly. Watch a TV game broadcast to monitor all updates. Forget about betting on favorite. Live betting is no place for favorites.