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Back betting vs Lay betting

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Back betting vs Lay betting

The issue discussed in this article should not be underestimated by any bettor, especially a beginner. Your decision as to whether prefer back or lay betting must be based on your potential benefit (winnings) and specific situation. An important thing you should know is that the odds for back betting tend to be lower than the odds for lay betting. In other words, to have a higher return, you should place a lay bet on the outsider rather than a back bet on the favorite. But remember that any sport may be unpredictable. If your prediction happens to be incorrect and the outsider wins the game, your lay bet on the outsider will result in heavier losses than your back bet on the winner who lost or ended the game in a draw.

Lay betting in football

In football, use lay betting only when the game is already good underway. For example, when one of the teams is leading with 2 goals in the 2nd time. The odds for a lay bet are very high, and the chances that the losing team will score 3 goals are very slim. But stay on alert and remember that football is a sport where everything is possible. If the losing team is lucky to score as many as 3 goals, you will have to part with a fortune!

Lay betting in tennis

In tennis, I prefer to use back betting on the favorite in the middle of the 2nd set (for a 3-set game). So why back betting on the favorite and not lat betting on the outsider? Because tennis is a very action-packed game where the situation is changing lightning-fast. Suppose, the favorite won the 1st set and is leading 3-1 in the 2nd set. Once the favorite gets the 4th point, the odds for the favorite will inevitably plummet. You can use this fall to your advantage and make big profits. Of course, the outsider may turn the tables and catch up with their stronger opponent, but this is rather uncommon. In the long run, you will stay in the green anyway unless you make anything reckless when the outsider starts catching up with their rival.

Why back betting odds are always lower than lay betting odds?

Most sports events (football included) feature three possible outcomes – Team A wins, Team B wins, and a Draw. If you’re placing a back bet on either team or a draw, your bet will only win if your selected outcome comes true. If the game ends with any of the two remaining outcomes, you will lose. But if you opt for lay betting on either team or a draw, you will win in either case! For instance, if you place a lay bet on a draw, then victory of either team will bring you winnings. But if the outcome you placed a lay bet on comes true, you will lose. In other words, it seems like lay betting combines two odds: you may win in two scenarios and lose in just one. This is why back betting odds are traditionally lower than lay betting odds. The trick is that lay betting is associated with both higher winnings and higher losses.

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