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Melbourne Cup Betting

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Melbourne Cup Betting

In Australia horse riding is very popular and The Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious annual event in the country. Gamblers used to make Melbourne Cup betting because bookmakers provide many options how to bet on Melbourne Cup.

Usually three-year-olds and over thoroughbreds take part in Melbourne Cup. The distance is 3,200 meter length. It is held every year in November on the Flemington Racecourse as part of the spring carnival in Melbourne.

It is considered to be the richest "two-mile" handicap in the world. The event is so popular that it is called locally as "the race that stops a nation". The Melbourne Cup was firstly held in 1861 with a distance over two miles (3.219 km). But in 1972 it was shortened to 3,200 meters (1.988 mi) when Australia adopted the metric system.

Different options

Melbourne cup betting provides many options for those who follows the in-depth form of the horses every week or casual punters. But it’s may be rather complicated for the beginners to come to know the particulars of complicated terms such as trifecta, quinella and even each-way being bandied. It is just some professional jargon and we are going to explain exactly what you need to do.

Melbourne Cup betting

So, how to bet on Melbourne Cup? First of all you must decide to place bets online or offline. If it is done you can choose the most basic option. It’s a “win”. If the horse you picked up wins the race you also win. This is the most popular type because up-to-date odds next to the horse's name are shown on the screen before the race starts.

For example, if you bet $5 on the horse to come first with 7.50 odds you would receive $37.50 in winnings.

Exotic types

Moreover, there is such type as “place” bet. That means you think your chosen horse has a good chance of running well, but might not quite win. So you can raise money if your horse finishes first, second or third. Certainly this type increases your chances compared to a “win” bet but also reduces your reward. The payout will be not more than 30 per cent compared to a straight win bet.

Melbourne Cup betting

Another type of bet on Melbourne Cup is “each-way” bet. This allows you to back your participant to win or finish as the second or third place. If you can’t decide precisely this variant is for you. So if your participant is victorious the bookmaker pays out on both sections, whereas if it finishes second or third you'll only cash in from the place element.

For the advances gamblers there are also more exotic bets. They are very difficult to guess right but payouts much bigger than for simple ones. For example, quinella is such bet. You need to pick up quinella. At the same time while trifecta betting the first three horses is needed to be select in the correct order.

The organizers of the race compare winning of a trifecta with winning of “that really, really big teddy bear when you play carnival games - it's hard to do, but you'll be the envy of everyone if you manage it”.

Another type of bet is a first four one. Its sense is very simple – you must select the horses to finish from 1st through to 4th in the correct order. And the fourth placegetter is the only difference from a trifecta. Moreover there is a quaddie bet, it is when you “box” all four participants so they don't have to finish in order. It costs slightly more but offers more chances.

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