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Grand National Betting

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Grand National Betting

Grand National betting is may be the most popular type of steeplechase horse race bets in the world. As the matter of fact races gave birth to bookmakers which every year provide opportunity to bet on races. This text will help you and describes how to bet on Grand National.

The Grand National dates back to 1839. Almost 200 years ago first steeplechase horse race was held and since then it is carried out every year near Liverpool at Aintree Racecourse. Of course this process was accompanied with betting on Grand National. Besides it is the most valuable race in Europe with a prize fund of £1 million.

Essentially, Betting is very popular among race gamblers. Annually in early April each bookmaker provides Grand National bets online and people place their free bets Grand National. Dozens of horses want to take part in the competition but only 40 manage to get to the final list.

Tough barriers

When horses overcome four miles 514 yards (6.907 km) distance with 30 fences over two laps gamblers have a possibility to bet on GN. This distance is the longest of any horse heats in Great Britain. It needs to be said that at first jockeys overpass 14 barriers and secondly – 16, i.e. 14 are jumped twice plus two more.

Grand National Betting

For the safety purposes of spectators from 2013 the start line was moved 90 yards (82 m) forward away from the crowds and grandstands. At the same time this tournament is being watched by over 600 million people worldwide so betting on the Grand National is a usual practice every year. Due to bookmakers people may bet on GN as well as offline.

This horse race is considered as extremely tough because it has such well-known high fences Becher’s Brook, the Chair and the Canal Turn. And that’s makes every race very unpredictable and lure for Aintree Grand National betting. Due to these barriers gamblers prefer to place bets online if a horse managed to overcome them.

Surprises are possible

But offline bets are also very attractive. Bookmakers post on various odds on 40 participants long before the race starts. And as the matter of fact the distance is so hard not every participant manage to get to finish. For example, in 2016 only 16 participants had finished out of 39 runners started the race so bet on the Grand National was unpredictable.

Grand National Betting

Moreover that race won the horse at odds of 33/1 whereas favorites acknowledged before had wreck the performance. That’s promise that every tournament to be very spectacle and betting Grand National always is attractive. Every bookmaker provides full coverage of this tournament. On the sites you can find different tips, results and racecards for the race to be held. And of course bookmakers name favorites among top horses.

New customers can usually take advantage of special offers, for example three £10 free bets when you place a £10 bet. But if you have a particular horse in mind you should look for which site has the best odds, but if you’re a new customer it may pay to take advantage of those free bet offers. So bet Grand National if you managed to know how to bet on Grand National online!

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