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Kentucky Derby Betting

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Kentucky Derby Betting

Kentucky Derby betting is very popular among horse race lovers in United States and all over the world. Annually bookmakers post on different derby betting odds. Thus gamblers may choose the proper variant while derby betting.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the main horse races in United States. It is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky and attracts a lot of spectators and derby betting lovers. As a rule the competition goes off on the first Saturday in May, just when Kentucky Festival takes place.

Churchill Downs horsecourse with one and a quarter miles (2 km) distance is the place where three-year-old Thoroughbreds compete for the $2 million purse. In the race take part 126 pounds (57 kilograms) colts and geldings. However, there are some peculiarities, for example, Kentucky Oaks. It’s just the race of 121 pounds (55 kilograms) fillies only.

By the way it is the first phase of the American Triple Crown, the second is the Preakness Stakes and the third is Belmont Stakes. And the Kentucky Race has been run every consecutive year since 1875.


This horse race has many traditions. For example, the winner is always draped over with a lush blanket of 554 red roses that’s why the Kentucky Race is also called "The Run for the Roses". So we must admit that it is the most popular among other stakes races and Kentucky Derby betting are chosen by large number of people.

Kentucky Derby

Usually 150 000 Churchill Downs guests place Kentucky Derby bets and the millions are watching race on TV or online via internet. Of course due to excitement they try to win some cash from bookmakers on horsecourse. The event attracts spectators from a large area, flying in hundreds of private aircraft to Louisville International Airport.

But the huge sums of money are raffled off outside. Thanks to the Internet it's possible for anyone to derby bet directly from their computer. Customary as a rule gamblers use theirs bank account. Although MasterCard or Visa card can be used but additional $5 are charged.

Surprises happen

There are a number of online horse race-wagering sites, many of which have been around for several years. Each site promises that Derby betting with their service is completely secure and legal. Moreover, thinking over what horse to choose you may read opinions of some experts. But that’s not mean you must trust them fully.

So you are free with you choice. Browse different derby betting odds on bookmaker sites and choose horses based on their names, may be for fun. But speaking seriously you should analyze variants which are post on and evaluate the possibility. As the matter of fact usually surprises in The Kentucky happen. For example, in 2012 the Canadian stallion I'll Have Another won with odds 32.60.

Kentucky Derby Betting

In addition to the race itself, a number of traditions play a large role in the atmosphere. The mint julep, an iced drink consisting of bourbon, mint, and a sugar syrup, is the traditional beverage of the race. The historic drink can be served in an ice-frosted silver julep cup, but most Churchill Downs patrons sip theirs from souvenir glasses (first offered in 1939 and available in revised form each year since) printed with all previous winners. Also, burgoo, a thick stew of beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables, is a popular Kentucky dish served at the Derby.

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