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Golf Betting

It’s considered that golf originated in Scotland as early as the 14th century. Over the centuries of evolution, the game has changed and improved drastically. Major tournaments worldwide include the Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. Over the recent years, golf betting has dramatically boosted its fan base. All major bookmaker websites spur their clients to bet on golf, including live wagers.

Most detailed information about Golf Betting


What makes golf betting special?

You can place stakes on entire tournament or a certain game (head-to-head). A tournaments includes several dozens of golfers. Bookmakers offer a wide selection of possible outcomes, which makes picking a profitable opportunity easier for gamblers.

Golf Betting

At the same time, before making a wager, you need to analyze the current state of each golfer and do some detailed research. Instead of serious physical preparation, game requires psychological balance and concentration. For successful golf betting, you need to analyze a last games and the result shown at last year’s tournament. If a golfer has won the tournament or previous competitions, their winning chances go up.

Tournament location is yet another important factor affecting a player’s performance. If a tournaments takes place in a player’s home land, it may boost their confidence and motivation.


We recommend you to focus on golf betting online on favorite. Despite being an individual sport, it is the game of stable results. All of you probably know a multimillionaire Tiger Woods, the world’s greatest player. He is the long-time favorite of the Masters. Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Rory Mcllroy are some other top golfers. Their winning chances are invariably estimated as high.

Long-term wagers

Betting on golf features plenty of long-term opportunities. You can predict major tournament winners, the Masters winner, etc. Furthermore, you can predict the year’s best player or compare rating positions of any two players.

Golf Betting

Nonetheless, betting for golf can be hardly viewed as a long-term and stable source of income. To succeed in bet, you must work hard. You must watch competitions, analyze results, do your own research, follow the latest news, look for golf betting tips this week, and many more. Otherwise, you risk losing your entire bankroll.

Things you need to know about the sport

  • Competitions are few. This is why choosing them as your main source of income is a bad idea. If you know a thing or two about this amazing sport, you can make some money on golf betting from time to time.

  • The biggest advantage is that golf has straightforward and transparent rules. You don’t need to worry about stumbling upon confusing tricks and pitfalls.

  • One of the main golf bet tips for beginning bettors is to study the basic terms and professional jargon. Despite having simple rules, this sport still requires some special knowledge.

  • Physical condition is not among the key factors that affect the outcome in a direct way. In tennis and boxing, the situation is completely different. Be sure to take that into account when betting for golf.

Golf Betting

Professional advice

When it comes to profitable betting on golf, seasoned bettors prefer second-grade international tournaments. Organized all over the globe, such contests involve the highest-ranking athletes that compete for the big prize money.

Golfers are not the only ones who profit from contests. Second-grade competitions are a powerful source of income for bettors as well. Mistakes are quite common among bookmakers. Out of two roughly equal athletes, bookmakers still choose a weaker one and give them higher odds.

For an experienced bettor, detecting a bookmaker’s mistake is a piece of cake. They don’t fall for high odds. They do their own research and analyze the players’ past performance. Instead of taking the odds for granted, they place stakes based on their personal judgment. To increase your winning chances, be sure to follow our golf betting tips this week.

Golf Betting

Types of stakes

Below we’ve covered the main golf betting online:

  1. Outcome. This is the most common wager whereby you need to predict who will win the competition.
  2. Cup winner. This is a special stake for cup competitions. You need to wager on the player to win the cup.
  3. Margin. You need to predict whether the tournament will end ahead-of-time; by how many strokes the winner will beat the runner-up, etc.
  4. You need to guess whether your selected player will make it to the top five or top ten. This is probably the easiest stake type that offers good money-making opportunities.