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Football Handicap Betting

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Football Handicap Betting

What is handicap football betting? It is rather complicated process of assuming and calculations. Moreover, you need to evaluate tactics, team mood and standings strategy of the betted squads – one of which is obvious overdog and the other is underdog.

Football handicap betting is a type of betting on football when gamblers level the conditions for rival teams as to their actual mood. That’s means the stronger team must win scoring more goals than the punter had supposed. The system originated in Indonesia and has gained popularity in the early 21st century.

Handicap football betting usually becomes apparent in adding or subtracting goals or points. This is done by bookmakers to optimize list of events. For example, if the outcome of the match is clear and everyone knows that the team №1 with a probability of 95% to win the match, then no one simply will not bet on the second team.

That's for this purpose handicap betting football was invented to tighten the win conditions of a strong team and give an advantage in the competition for a weak team. Thus the bookmakers level the winning conditions for both teams in order to attract more players to this event. Simplifying things this option is to change initial conditions of the competition in which one of the parties is more difficult to win, or vice versa.

Handicap Football Betting

European and Asian examples

Earlier handicap betting football explained by us was described in general. Now we are going to give some details. First of all there are two types of handicaps: European and Asian. In first one integer are used whereas one-quarter goal, half-goal, zero or several goals historically range in Asia.

How exactly European differs from Asian? Almost all bookmakers give Asian handicaps: -1, -1.5, +1, +2.5 and so on and so forth. It’s very simple to calculate - chosen handicap is added to the final score.

For example, if in the match Manchester United – West Bromwich you handicapped West Brom +2.5. Then this bet will go through if Throstles wins, draws or loses no larger than two goals. And a gambler will lose if Man United wins in three goals and larger.

It is verified vety simple. For example, the match ends with the score 2-0 in favor of Manchester United. We took +2.5 at West Brom. Therefore, we add 2.5 goals for the final result of West Bromwich and get 2-2.5 in favor of Throstles. So the bet went through.

Handicap Football Betting

Another example: Liverpool played against Sunderland and we take the Liverpool -1. The match ends with a score of 2-1 in favor of The Reds. We add -1 to the final result of Liverpool (ie, subtract 1) and obtain 1-1 in the end. So it is a draw means and the bet returns.

European peculiarities

European handicap is calculated in a little bit another way. Its main difference lies in no returns. If in the same match Liverpool - Sunderland we take Liverpool -1 and the match ends with the score 2-1, the bet is lost.

If we take -1 (in order the bet to be passed), we need our team to win in two goals or more. If you take a -2, then we need our team to win in three goals or more. Similarly with positive handicaps: if we take the Sunderland +1, then we need The Black Cats to win or draw.

So actually European handicap -1 corresponds Asian -1.5. This is sole difficulty. And how to distinguish the European from the Asian at the bookmakers? Look closely which handicap is given: European or Asian. Almost all bookmakers post on Asian ones, but some - in particular, Bwin, Paddy Power, William Hill - give European. Be careful!

Handicap Football Betting

Separately, zero handicaps should be described. For example, let’s take derby between Manchester United and Manchester City. You see that Man Utd line-up looks better and the team is in good mood (especially playing at home). So you can bet on 0. This means that if Manchester United win by a minimum score (1-0, 2-1, 3-2), the bet will go through. If there is a draw, then you will receive a return of your money. And if Manchester United will be defeated, then the bet loses.

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