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Football betting: top popular betting type in England and worldwide

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Football betting: top popular betting type in England and worldwide

Football betting is hands-down the most beloved betting type among sports fans all over the globe. To realize this, you just need to take a look at any betting website. There is hardly a betting site that ignores betting on football.

As surprising as it may sound, at the beginning of the last century bookmaker offices mostly focused on horse racing and – to a lesser extent – boxing matches.

Betting on football in Great Britain

Everyone knows that England is the world’s biggest hub for bookmakers and betting websites. But England welcomed football only in 1923 when the first soccer pool was established. On a weekly basis, bettors filled out special coupons with their sports predictions. Due to high winnings, football soon turned into the leading sport among ardent bettors.

There is no denying that nowadays football is the biggest source of income for betting websites. At least, this is 100% true to Europe, South America, and Africa. North American (the United States and Canada) sports fans have a bit different betting preferences, including basketball, hockey, baseball, and rugby. These popular sports are tough competitors for football betting. But this fact is hardly affecting the overall picture: football betting is still number 1 for sports betting fans all over the globe.

Is it legal to bet football?

As you probably know, not all countries legalized betting business. In some states, your love to gambling and sports betting may have quite sad consequences for both betting sites and bettors, including imprisonment. But modern bookmakers are operating via their betting websites, and prohibitive and restrictive measures are pretty useless in this case. Blocking Internet websites is not as easy as it seems, even for legislative bodies. This is a loophole successfully used by many bookmakers that provide the services of betting on football.

It must be said that in a number of countries (especially in Europe and some African regions), bans and restrictions are only applied to bookies (e.g., licenses and other issues), without limiting bettors in any way. This allows for multiple bestbetting opportunities to bet football and try out various football betting systems.

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