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Football betting market

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Football betting market

We have focused on the issue of bookmaker business legality for a reason. Betting websites that take football bets have been successfully operating on the web for a quite long time. Online betting erased boundaries, and now a bettor from China can enjoy betting on football with an English bookie despite all existing bans and restrictions.

But different legal statuses of betting business across different countries make it hard to estimate its actual size. According to experienced analysts, the total annual turnover of both legal and illegal sports betting markets varies from 700 billion to 1 trillion dollars. Pretty impressive, huh?

Wondering what percentage of this huge sum accounts for football betting? The answer will surprise you, to say the least. At least 70%, or from 500 to 700 billion dollars in 2013.

Taking into account a huge potential of sports betting market, in the near future we can expect even more impressive figures.

European online betting market

As it was mentioned above, bettors’ betting preferences differ across different countries. For example, sports fans from the United States and Canada find football betting not as exciting as their European ‘colleagues.’ While football is pretty popular in Asian countries, Asian betting websites offer quite limited opportunities to bet football and try out smart football betting systems.

European – and English, in particular – betting sites surpass bookmakers from other countries. You won’t find such a huge variety of sports outcomes and bets anywhere else. This is not surprising at all. Juts think about it: in England alone more than 0.5 million bettors are placing football bets and testing new football betting systems every week.

Lightning-fast advances in Internet and mobile technologies spurs the development of online betting. Furthermore, number of TV sports channels – including the ones dedicated exclusively to football – is growing like mushrooms. It was only in 1998, during the FIFA World Cup, when online football betting was admired as a new ground-breaking trend. Nowadays, betting on football is an absolutely common thing enjoyed by millions of sports fans worldwide.

By the way, pay attention to what sports event gave rise to online football betting. It was not the Olympic Games but a football championship.

Mobile football betting is growing increasingly popular with each coming year. Although land-based bookmaker offices are still an important hub for football fans (in the countries where they are legalized), their number is gradually going down as online bookies are taking football betting experience to a whole new level.

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