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Ashes Cricket Betting

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Ashes Cricket Betting

Ashes cricket betting is very popular among English and Australian gamblers. This type of odds is derived from such competition as The Ashes. It is a test series played between England and Australia national cricket teams. And of course many bookmakers provide online coverage of these matches during several months.

As it was mentioned before The Ashes is a trophy. It is presented to a team which had won last series of games. If the series ended in a draw, the prize keeps the team that won previous ones. However, no matter which squad holds the trophy at the moment the urn has never left the Marylebone Cricket Club museum except two cases. It was taken to Australia during the celebration of the bicentenary of the country in 1988 and during the test series 2006/07.

What bookies propose

So, only two teams compete in the series. And this narrows the room for Ashes cricket betting options. Of course first of all gamblers have a possibility to bet on Outright markets. There are only three variants in Series Winner ashes cricket odds:

  • Australia

  • England

  • Draw

Ashes Cricket Betting

Among other Outright markets we can distinguish Correct Score option. For example, such Ashes cricket betting odds can be provided: Australia 3-1, Draw 2-2, Australia 3-2, England 2-1, England 3-2, Draw 1-1, etc. Another one may be which team “To Retain/Regain” and only two options are proposed: “Australia To Regain” and “England To Retain”.

It needs to be said that bookies also post on online odds for gamblers. So, you can simply choose the proper variant among Draw No Bet, Double Chance and so on.

Tournament statistics

Traditionally, the series consists of five tests and are held every two years, and teams alternately host the matches. From 1882 to 2015 Australia and England have won 32 times each and in five cases the draw was fixed. So, 69 series have been already played. As to the win-loss ratio it stands at 130 wins for Australia to 106 wins for England, with 89 draws.

The 2017/18 they takes place down under as England look to defend the urn. The five tests will take place from November-January.

Ashes Cricket Betting

The urn

Since 1882 some time passed before the games between two cricket teams got its current name. There was no idea of awarding a winning team before The Ashes appeared. The term originated in a satirical obituary published in a British newspaper immediately after Australia's 1882 first Test win on English soil. Then mythical ashes became associated with the 1882-83 series played in Australia, before which the English captain Ivo Bligh had vowed to "regain those ashes".

After England had won two of the three tests on the tour, a small urn was presented to Bligh by a group of Melbourne women including Florence Morphy, whom Bligh married within a year. However, it is not clear whether that urn is the same as the small terracotta one given to the MCC by Bligh's widow after his death in 1927.

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