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Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is one of the most common wagering types among sports fans. However, only few online bookmakers offer good wagering options. British bookmakers offer the best betting opportunities and the highest odds. Moreover, mistakes are very rare on British bookmaker websites. If you decided to bet on cricket, you can register a new account with any bookmaker to tap into multiple wagering opportunities.

Most detailed information about Cricket Betting

Special features of cricket betting

The game originated in England in the middle of 18th century. But a game similar to it was first mentioned as early a 13th century. Then the game spread out across Great Britain’s colonies.


Most bookmakers take bets on victory of a certain team. But the game may also end in a draw. There are two types of draw: by score and by time. Very few betting websites offer crciket betting on draw. If a draw happens, a bookie pays out winnings to all players who bet on victory.

Analyzing cricket betting


As tournaments do not feature plenty of participants, you can do research on all participating teams and make profitable bets.

Best batsman/bowler

Best batsman/bowler betting is a quite risky bet type. A situation when one player is performing much better than their team mates is very uncommon in cricket.


Here you bet on a player’s individual score.

Other bet on cricket types

Bookmakers take Most Sixes, Most Fours, Score Prediction, Man of the Match, and other exciting bets. You should place such bets only after you have fully understood rules.


Matches may last several days. In such situations, physical stamina plays the key role. Remember that physical condition of teams heavily affects the outcome. All those things are usually factored in cricket odds.

Competitions come in different formats. Each format has its rules and special features. Bear in mind that the results shown by the teams in home and away tournaments may differ a lot.

Special features of cricket betting

Furthermore, you need to take into account team morale, weather conditions, and motivation. Anyway, you should read the rules and betting strategies before placing cricket bet.


Cricket is one of the few sports where professional bettors prefer live betting. As matches have long duration, you have enough time to make unhasty decisions and place winning live bets. But be very careful. Weather may change several times through the match.

Unexpected results are not uncommon in online Cricket betting UK. This is the reason why bookmaker cricket odds are usually too low. We recommend you to use a online betting Cricket strategy for same-level rivals.

All those things are usually factored in cricket odds.

Basic rules for online cricket betting UK

  • If a game is cancelled or abandoned and the winner cannot be determined, your bet becomes void;

  • If the ball has not been bowled during a game, all stakes also become void;

  • If a game is abandoned due to bad weather conditions, payouts on bets are calculated in accordance with the official protocol and other respective documents. This does not concern the games to which the Duckworth-Lewis method is applied;

  • If a match has started but has not been finished and the winner cannot be determined, all stakes become void;

  • If the final result is decided using a bowl-off, all bet become void.

Cricket betting UK

Online betting on bowlers

If your selected bowler is on the reserve team rather than in the starting lineup, all Best Bowler bets are deemed void.

For Individual Batsman Runs stakes to play, at least one ball must be bowled during a match.

If your selected player leaves the game and fails to return to the field by the time they must bowl, all stakes made on them remain valid.