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Boxing Betting

In online boxing betting, beginners prefer not to spend time on analyzing the upcoming events and bet only on favorites. They share the opinion that wagers on world-famous boxers is the best bet boxing strategy. This makes sense, though. Strong and experienced boxers mostly win, but there are always exceptions. Sooner or later, any winning streak ends and even a good boxer is beaten by a stronger opponent. You can never predict when your stake may lose. But to return the money lost on minimum odds will take much of your time and effort.

Most detailed information about Boxing Betting


It must be said that boxing betting lines on boxing betting sites include not only betting on events featuring a favorite and outsider. You can also bet on boxing fights featuring same-level boxers. In this case, predicting the winner is almost impossible. Furthermore, such a match will probably have many rounds, and the winner will be determined by the judge.

Boxing Betting

Brief overview

Boxing is a sport that involves a fight between two opponents wearing soft leather gloves. Regulated by strict rules, the fight takes place in the ring. In 1904, it became an Olympic sport.

The gloves worn by fighters weight around 227 grams. Hitting below the belt is not allowed. An amateur fight includes three rounds, three minutes each. In professional sport, a fight consists of twelve three-minute rounds. There is a one-minute break between the rounds. A match is supervised by a referee and judged by five judges.

Boxing Betting

Special features

  • Wide media coverage, scandalous statements by boxers, excessive confidence close to bravado, and other attributes of spectacular show. To attract more spectators and sponsors, organizers are doing their best to put on a grand show. This is why we wouldn’t recommend you to trust news. Use statistical data and do your own research to find out whether a boxer is ready for an upcoming match.

  • With all due respect to judges, it’s not uncommon that ‘guest’ boxers are marked badly: some blows may not be washed out, misconduct ignored, and round stopped at any inappropriate moment. The only way-out for a ‘guest’ in this situation is to knock-out their rival. Otherwise, points may be calculated not in their favor. Bettors need to take this fact into account when planning their boxing bets.

  • For successful online boxing betting, a bettor should classify boxers into those aiming to end a match with a knock-out and those relying on judges’ decision and points collected during the match.

  • In boxing betting online, a favorite may act neglectful and lose. In case of a return match, bookmakers will prefer the last match’s winner, but a loser’s motivation to retrieve a defeat will be too great.

  • The factors affecting a fights outcome include injuries and surgeries, switching to a different weight category, age, and many more. An injured boxer may never fully recover, and an opponent may take the advantage of the situation. Nowadays, all information on any boxer can be easily found on the Internet. To succeed in betting on boxing, you need to take this information into account when placing boxing bet.

Boxing Betting

Wager types

Sooner or later, fans start to wonder how to bet on boxing and make profits on this exciting sport. To find the answer to the second part of the question, check out the related articles on our website. This text focuses on boxing on bet.

Top bet boxing types include: moneyline, round betting over/under, and method of victory (on points, by knockout). It should be said that to make more money on a media-covered fights, organizers and boxers may make it last longer.

Types of wagers:

  • Outcome. You need to predict which of the two athletes will be announced the victor.

  • Draw. You wager on the match to end in a draw. Bear in mind that draws are very rare in this sport. For your stake to win, both opponents must have the same score. A draw is decided by the judges.

  • Ahead-of-time win. If one of the fighters wins by knockout (or technical knockout), he is ruled the winner. If a fighter is disqualified or refuses to fight, the other fighter is announced the winner.

  • Win by score. You need to wager on the fighter to have the higher score at the end of the match.

  • Round total. You need to predict how many rounds a match will include. A match is considered to be over if one of the opponents can’t continue fighting.

Boxing Betting

Now that you know more, it’s high time to pick a bookmaker to apply your knowledge in real life. Before wondering where can i bet on boxing, take a look at our list of the industry’s best bookmakers. Each website on the roster was checked by us personally.

We strongly recommend you to follow these tips to place successful bet on boxing online more often!