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Simple sports betting strategies for beginners

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Simple sports betting strategies for beginners

There are plenty of various sports betting strategies to use on betting websites. Betting strategies come in different forms, including gaming, betting, and finance strategies. Betting industry borrowed gaming strategies from casino industry. Gaming strategies focus on a betting process. A most obvious example is a widely known Martingale strategy. Financial strategies originate from trading. The main objective of financial strategies is to manage your bankroll wisely and avoid depleting your entire account. This article explores different betting strategies and their characteristics.

Live betting strategy

Compared to standard betting, live betting has its special features and characteristics. Your success in live betting mostly depends on your ability to make savvy and fast decisions based not only on your intuition but also on key live betting principles. Live betting may imply ‘hunting’ for last-minute football goals, innings totals in baseball, and other special moments and aspects typical for live betting.

Total betting strategies

There are several types of total betting strategies. Almost all total strategies are based on statistical prediction methods. Whichever strategy you prefer (ordinary total, Asian total, total range, individual totals in football and basketball, etc), remember about an important aspect of statistical values. Most bettors consider the average value a key parameter used to predict the outcome of a game. This is not entirely true, though. You may have to apply other statistical values (such as median and mode) to better understand the results distribution pattern over a certain time interval. The average value does not give such a perspective, though.

Combination bets

Combination bets are unprofitable for bettors and favorable for bookmakers. But bettors still have a slim chance to succeed when placing combination bets. Combination bet fans developed a couple of useful combination betting strategies, one of the most popular being combination betting on low odds. Such combinations tend to have a ‘dark horse’ with the 1.1-1.2 odds, although preliminary estimation shows that all outcomes are successful.

The main drawback of this betting strategy is that you need to bet on 10-15 sports events in order to secure really profitable odds. Picking such a number of events in a betting line on the same day is a pretty tough task. Furthermore, you can place bets on a daily basis, in pursuit of large total odds. However, this strategy can be hardly considered a structured and logical one – just like many other combination betting systems.

‘System’ betting strategy

‘System’ betting strategy is viewed by many bettors as a most flexible betting strategy used on betting websites. If you pick the odds over 1.8 (standard odds for total or handicap), you may try a ‘2 out of 3’ system. Even if you guess the outcomes of any two events correctly, you will secure yourself a profit. However, ‘2 out of 3’ system is not to be confused with a ‘chain-type’ strategy of the same name, where you need to try and place at least two successful ordinary bets out of three with the 1.51 - 2.1 odds.

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