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Football betting strategy

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Football betting strategy

As we have already mentioned multiple times, there are no 100% winning strategies. Success of any betting system depends on a bettor’s skills and experience. The only flawless betting strategy is to ignore betting websites and avoid betting at all. But using a strategy to place successful bets is much safer, more profitable, and more exciting.

This articles explores football betting - the top popular sports betting type.

Football betting strategies

Football is an extremely popular sport, and bettors enjoy a wide selection of football betting types and systems. As new strategies keep coming in, the main strategy for making profits on betting websites is savvy and reasonable bankroll management. If you take savvy money management as a key criterion, the most useful strategies imply dividing your initial bankroll into a certain number of parts and controlling how they are spent. For example, according to ‘60 betting strategy’, you divide your bankroll into five parts – 1%, 3.5%, 9.5%, 24.5% and 61.5%. Your goal is to succeed with at least one bet out of this bet chain. If you bet on 1.8-2.0 odds –which are typical for handicap and total betting – you stand a chance of getting a guaranteed 60% profit in the long run.

Total football betting strategy is one of the top popular betting systems out there. If you avoid a tricky pitfall prepared by your intuition, you may as well obtain pretty good results using this amazing betting strategy. It’s no secret that most bettors prefer to bet on scored goals rather than on the lack thereof! This means that bettors prefer to bet that the combined score will be more than the total or that both teams will score. Such behavior is typical for football bettors only. In basketball, hockey, and tennis, bettors prefer to bet that the combined score will be less than the total. Perhaps this happens because of lower importance of every serious attack, collected point, or won game, compared to a scored goal in football. In this section, we are offering you the best sports betting strategies and systems to help you place winning bets and make profits on betting websites.

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