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Betting Treble

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Betting Treble

Treble bet is some kind of multiple bet with certain peculiarities. It may be compared with a scheme which helps gamblers to raise the winnings greatly by means of betting trebles. So this time its usage is going to be explained in a simple way.

It is obligatory treble bet to be placed on three games outcome in a row. However there is no engagement that all three events should be from different king of sports. For example, it’s may be 3 different matches from the same matchday of English Premier League. Some people say it is an analogue of Double and Accumulator wages.

Betting trebles is much similar to those which are used in expresses. But it has the peculiar feature distinguishing it from other options. Trebles in betting means your winnings from the first event rolls over to the second in the form of wage and then (in a case of win) the returns from the second transfers to the third. Therefore it’s risky mean but can be greatly profitable in the end.

Betting Treble

Horse race case

Now we are going to make betting trebles explained in details. Let’s take horse riding; it’s very popular in this kind of gambling among so called quaddie punters. For example, there are 10 horse races during a day but you need to choose only three of them. Let it be Race #3, #5 and #8.

Then you have to select runners of those legs. Within each leg you can pick up any number of them. For example, you’ve chosen three horses in Race #3, four in Race #5 and the only winner in Race #8. So the cost of the wage equals to multiplied selection numbers in each leg: 3 x 4 x 1 = $12 for $1 unit stake. And then the winner in each race is pointed out. The total winnings go to the punter when all three horses are been victorious.

Football example

This option can also be used in football, for example, Champions League matchday. Let’s take such matches as Real Madrid – Sporting Club de Portugal (2-1), Manchester City – Borussia Monchengladbach (4-0) and PSV Eindhoven – Atletico de Madrid (0-1). And initial unit stake will be $8.

Betting Treble

So using treble bet calculator we can figure out returns and profit. The first wage on Real Madrid wins at odds 1.50; the second on Manchester City also wins at odds 2.00; and the third wins on Atletico de Madrid as well at odds 3.00. Therefore the winnings would be found under this scheme: $8 * (1.50 + 1) * (2.00 + 1) * (3.00 + 1) = $240. So the net profit accounts for $240 - $8 = $232. This case shows how do treble bets work in football.

Due to the scheme with a minimum initial wage you can get a huge overall return. However, in the trebles the risk of loss is also much higher because a single mistake in one game outcome leads to the zeroing of all previous wins.

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