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Betting Double Result

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Betting Double Result

Bookmakers’ offices in order to attract new and retain old customers offer a great variety of options, including doubles bet. Such possibility was introduced relatively not long ago but gained enormous popularity among gamblers because doubles betting meaning can be explained very simply.

So, what does double result mean in betting? This is doubles bet on the outcome of the first half and whole match simultaneously. I.e., in order to win you need to be right with the both results. In fact, it turns out a mini-express on both halves.

It needs to be said that the option is wide-spread in football or soccer matches. For example, initially there are only three basic outcomes of a game: a Win, a Draw or a Loss. However, due to doubles betting they are tripled, i.e. you have to choose among such double result bets as a W/W, a W/D, a W/L, a D/W, a D/D, a D/L, a L/W, a L/D and a L/L.

Betting double result rather frequently offers tempting high odds than outright markets. And it is seems to be simple for guessing as a lot of punters are attracted. It is not necessary to be an analyst of genius to understand that clear favourites in the majority of cases triumph in the first half whereas starting 45 minutes versus equal teams often end in a draw. However, it is not so easy.

Betting Double Result

Different strategies

This time doubles betting is going to be explained. There are several strategies for such options. For example, first method is suitable for games where is no obvious favourite. Just take English Premier League match Chelsea vs Arsenal. Suppose you have a strong belief in the win of The Gunners and placing $100 with odds of 2.25 your net gain will $125.

But to increase the winnings you can try to take advantage of betting doubles calculator. There are three options to win with the 2nd team (Arsenal). Generally winning the first half the team almost never loses the whole matches. Therefore, you need to ignore Chelsea/Arsenal option and spread $100 among D/Arsenal and Arsenal/Arsenal in order to be victorious. So the prize for each wage will be > $232 and net income >$132.

Betting Double Result

The second method of betting doubles to be explained is suitable for games with a clear favorite. Odds become higher but the risks are increasing too. For example, you are confident in a draw outcome of Everton - Southampton match. You place $100 with odds of 4.2 and in the case of a win your profit will be $320.

However, multiple bets doubles provide an opportunity to raise the winnings. A clear favorite having won the first half rarely misses a win. Therefore, ignoring the Everton/D option you distribute money among D/D and Southampton/D. So, net gain on each wage will be $364.

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