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Best Sports Online Betting Sites

Although sports betting sites are a relatively new thing, betting on sports events and other situations has always been a favorite hobby all over the globe. On our website, we have collected trusted information about the top online bookmakers and tips on how to pick the best betting online sites.

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Best Sports Online Betting Sites

Why we need betting websites

With sports sites, placing bets online is easy and fast. Offering a wide choice of stakes and outcomes, a good bookies site can satisfy almost any needs and preferences.

On sports sites, you can choose any events to stake on. In exchange for your money, a website is giving you a unique opportunity to win. How much you may win depends on your entry size and the current odds. For your stakes to win, the outcome you bet on must come true. Otherwise, your entry loses and a website takes the money you stake on this outcome.

Although bookies portals were initially designed for sports entries, soon it became clear that gamblers interests go far beyond sports events. This need gave rise to other types of websites where you can stake on show business, political and even scientific events. Moreover, some online web-portals take stakes on most incredible events, such as a UFO landing on our planet.

It’s important to remember that betting is not classified as gambling.

Best Sports Online Betting Sites

Top popular sports entries

Although a bookies line incorporates hundreds of events, most users prefer to choose football game outcomes. It’s no secret that football matches are the main source of income for betting portals – European ones, at least.

Although very popular among clients, other sports fail to attract as many entries. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on best football games every year.

How do online bookmakers make money?

Betting sites do not care about results shown by one or several clients. Whether a certain user won or lost is of no importance at all. To make earnings, sports sites introduce a profit margin.

A profit margin is a percentage of profits incorporated in odds. A pre-determined profit margin prevents users from questioning integrity of websites.

If there was no such thing as a margin and betting sites didn’t receive any profits, then the odds would reflect real-life probabilities of sports outcomes.

But this scenario is hardly acceptable for bookmakers which aim to make money.

Best Sports Online Betting Sites

To be immune from client’s performance, betting websites introduced a profit margin. An average margin amounts to 10%, although it may vary across portals. A site makes profit on every single sports event, regardless clients’ results.

But for sports betting sites to make profits, gamlers need to make entry on different outcomes. It’s not uncommon that customers prefer just one particular outcome and ignore others. This is a quite common situation on football sites. To secure profits, bookmakers lower the odds for a popular outcome to encourage clients to stake on other options.

If the size of profit margin seems too large to you, remember that bookies websites have to pay taxes, wages, and advertising costs, as well as acts as sponsors for teams and athletes. As a result, their net profits amount to several per cent of their total earnings. But still, sports betting sites are far from being poor.

How much can a user earn?

A professional gambler can turn online stakes into a consistent source of additional income. Although many people view sports betting as their full-time job, highly professional players are few.

The major reason why gamblers are losing more than winning is a profit margin factored in a bookies line. A profit margin secures a betting site a certain edge.

In the long run, a user loses the amount which roughly equals to a profit margin.

The good news is that you stand a real chance of beating sports betting sites. It’s not uncommon that sports web-portals set incorrect odds that fail to reflect real probabilities. Of course, online bookies employ competent analysts to calculate the odds. But remember that they are only human and may make mistakes.

To offset a profit margin and get an edge over a bookmakers site, a seasoned user must stake on underestimated outcomes.

Best Sports Online Betting Sites

Prospects for bookmaker’s sites

It’s getting clear that the future of sports bookmakers is based on online entries, mobile gambling, and increasing popularity of betting per se.

Although brick-and-mortar bookies will continue to hold ground, most clients will switch to online portals. According to the latest research, mobile applications are gaining a foothold in online betting and increasing their pool of users.

Some bookmakers have stopped providing services offline and established a strong online presence. Online gambling is definitely the future.

How to pick a good bookmaker

Although betting sites UK are abundant, choosing the best offer in the market is a tough, time-consuming task. First, a beginning player may be confused by a huge choice. Second, different websites offer a similar range of features and services. Third, there is a possibility that you may come across a rogue website that takes advantage of bettors’ inexperience.

Best betting sites must meet certain criteria. Among other things, a good bookmaker offers:

  • wide betting lines for all major sports events;

  • average profit margin;

  • profitable odds (no lower than the average);

  • timely withdrawals, secure financial transactions;

  • competent and user-friendly customer support;

  • high bet limits;

  • favorable attitude towards lucky bettors that enjoy high payouts;

  • reliable license;

  • wide selection of payment systems.

It needs to be said that not all betting websites UK comply with the above criteria.

Best Sports Online Betting Sites

Furthermore, when choosing the best bookmakers, bettors rely on their personal preferences and opinions. For instance, a player may not like that the betting site lacks a certain payment method or ignores some second-grade football league.

Nonetheless, you need to take the above requirements into account when choosing the best online betting sites. If your selected bookmaker meets the main criteria, you can rest assured that your money is safe and withdrawals are performed in a timely manner.

Land-based offices are another parameter that shows whether betting sites are popular among bettors. However, online bookmakers do not necessarily have to have brick-and-mortar offices.

What a bookmaker can offer?

Taking stakes is not the only service provided by an oddsmaker. It’s only natural that a bettor wants to get access to a wider range of possibilities.

Along with wagering opportunities, betting sites offers online casinos, lotteries and poker rooms. Following the current tendencies, operators provide a wide array of gambling services. Registering with online betting sites, you get access to other entertainments.

Along with additional services, bookmakers attract new clients with various bonuses. A bonus program offers a number of exciting perks that boost clients’ loyalty.

New betting sites grant first-deposit bonuses and organize special offers for certain categories of gamblers.

On one hand, a bonus program is not the main factor you should focus on when choosing the best website. On the other hand, some gifts and encouragements may come in very handy. For instance, you can benefit from making free stakes or recovering a part of your losses. Those are extremely popular online betting offers.

Best Sports Online Betting Sites

What do seasoned bettors say?

When looking for the top betting sites, be sure to find out what other bettors think. The internet offers a wide range of reviews about all large bookmakers. While some reviews may be planted, you still can get the general idea of what a bookmaker is worth. The larger a bookmaker, the more reliable and accurate reviews it has. Go to forums and blogs, ask your friends who love gambling. Be sure to trust expert article and tips: experienced bettors know what they’re talking about.

Do not rush to register a new account and make a deposit. Take ample time to study the weak and strong sides of each contender. Learning from other people’s mistakes is another useful tip. The good thing is that the news about rogue betting websites travel fast. Be sure to read all comments and reviews. Those are a big source of first-hand information.

For the most part, choosing between the good and the best is much harder than choosing between the best and the worst.

According to statistics, few clients use only one website to make stakes and enjoy gambling. To have a better a choice, most users open accounts with two or three oddsmakers. Selecting the most lucrative offers is your primary task. It’s better to stick with the top operators. A reliable website will never steal from its clients or cancel stakes without having a good reason to do so.