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Top profitable betting offers from bookmakers

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Top profitable betting offers from bookmakers

Any high-profile bookmaker is offering various bonus offers to spur its clients to spend more on online betting. The main goal of any such offer is to advertise online betting services. Furthermore, bookmakers use betting bonus to attract more new clients.

In another article we have already addressed the issue of betting bonus. Today, we will talk about the most profitable and interesting sports betting bonus found on betting websites.

Betting offers are cash prizes given to a bettor. The most common type of betting offers is a sign up bonus. Sign up bonus is granted to a bettor right upon registration on a betting website. Sign up bonus comes in several forms: Free bet, Refund, and Cash.

Free betting bonus

Most bettors start their acquaintance with bonus offers with free bet bonus. In fact, it is a gratis bet. Right after registering with a bookmaker, you are granted the right to place a free bet. You don’t need to spend a cent of your own money. Bear in mind, though, that at some bookmakers a free bet bonus is only valid for some sports events and outcomes. If your free bet loses, the money on your account stays untouched. It’s only the bonus that you part with. Although a free bet bonus is an attractive betting offer for bookmaker clients, not all bookies are using it to motivate beginning bettors.

Cash betting bonus

Another popular bonus you may come across on betting websites is a cash bonus. You get a certain amount of money to your bookmaker account. The only requirement is to make your first deposit. The size of your first deposit and the size of your cash bonus are correlating. For example, you can get a $20 bonus on your $10 deposit.

Refund bonus

A refund bonus is a quite beneficial betting offers as well. If your first bet loses, its amount is returned to your bookmaker account.

Remember that to use a sports betting bonus, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Before accepting a sports betting bonus from a bookie, make sure to read and understand wagering requirements.

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