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Arbitrage betting risks

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Arbitrage betting risks

In theory, every arbitrage betting opportunity secures guaranteed winnings. Arbitrage betting is considered one of the most profitable betting strategy out there. But in practice, bettors should be prepared for multiple pitfalls. If luck happens to turn its back on you, you may lose your entire bankroll in a nick of time. There are some most common reasons on why bettors are facing disappointing losses. First, many bettors ignore bookmaker terms and conditions. Second, it’s not uncommon that a bookie makes a mistake in their betting line. Third, betting sites do not like clients that make money on arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage betting risk # 1

Suppose, a game did not take place or was postponed. Bear in mind that every bookie has it own rules for such cases. For example, Bookmaker 1 returns bets to its clients. But Bookmaker 2 may keep your bet till the game finally takes place. As you can see, you are running the risk of losing a part of your bankroll.

Arbitrage betting risk # 2

Although this situation is pretty uncommon, betting sites still make mistakes when calculating odds. For example, the odds may lack a comma which turns 2.10 into 21. Betting online at erroneous odds is not something you would want. Bookmakers have a special rule: all bets made on incorrect odds are calculated with the odds 1. In other words, you get you bet back.

Arbitrage betting risk # 3

While you are placing a bet with one bookie, another bookmaker may adjust its odds or remove your selected sports event from the betting line. The main challenge here is to detect an arbitrage betting situation and immediately place a bet before anything unexpected happens.

Arbitrage betting risk # 4

Before placing a bet online, you should focus on the maximum bet limits offered by different bookmakers. You may place a bet with Bookmaker 1 only to find out that Bookmaker 2 offers lower maximum bet limits and you cannot make money on your arbitrage betting opportunity.

Arbitrage betting risk # 5

We have come to the last – and the most convincing – reason on why you should be careful with arbitrage betting. The problem is that most betting sites do not like it when bettors are making advantage of arbitrage betting opportunities. After 3-4 arbitrage bets on the same betting website, a bettor will probably see their maximum bet limits cut down significantly. In the worst scenario, a bookmaker may block your account for good. A bookmaker will send you a message reading something like this: ‘Dear client! After viewing your betting history, we have decided to close your account. We are very sorry, but this decision is final and shall not be reconsidered.’

Arbitrage betting: to be or not to be?

As you can see for yourself, arbitrage betting opportunities are a profitable yet risky betting strategy. On the other hand, arbitrage betting risks can be easily overcome. To minimize risks, a bettor should follow some basic recommendations. First, stay focused and keep your eyes open. Second, remember that flawless betting strategies with no pitfalls at all only exist in your head.

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Reply #1 on : Wed March 01, 2017, 01:08:44
I haven't known much of this information... I didn't know that bookies can be such an ass... from now I will read rules of bookies more carefully and I think it will help to avoid possible losses... Thank you!