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Arbitrage Betting

In arbitrage betting, a bettor makes money on a spread between the odds across different bookmakers. In other words, a bettor gains an edge over a bookmaker and neutralizes its profit margin.

Most detailed information about Arbitrage Betting

What are arbitrage betting opportunities? These are differences in odds set by different bookmakers. Arbitrage betting opportunities are typical for unpredictable sports events.

Arbitrage betting example

Let’s take a look an the example below. In the table below, you can see the odds for a tennis match between Player 1 and Player 2 offered by two different bookmakers:

Player 1 Player 2 Market %
Odds Bookmaker A 1.300 3.930 102.4%
Odds Bookmaker B 1.420 2.900 104.9%
(Combining Player 1/BA&Player 2/BB)
1.420 3.930 95.9% (4.1% profit margin)

Comparing the odds on Outcome 1 set by Bookmaker A and the odds on Outcome 2 set by Bookmaker B, you can see that a bettor gains a 4.1% profit margin. (100 - 95,9).

Arbitrage betting example

You can use arbitrage betting in any market (spread betting is no exception). Arbitrage betting is widely used in live betting. The dynamic nature of live betting offers plenty of arbitrage betting opportunities. To make profits under multiple limitations, you can try and use free bonuses in arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage betting cons

Like any other betting type, arbitrage betting has its drawbacks.

Account block and bet limits

Different bookmakers introduce various limitations to cut bettors’ arbitrage betting opportunities. For example, a bookies may close the account of a bettor who is making stable income on arbitrage betting.

Bet cancellation

Betting websites may cancel bets if they made a mistake in a betting line. This may undermine your arbitrage betting opportunities and cut your profits in the long run.

Arbitrage betting: possible pitfalls

Arbitrage betting requirements

To take full advantage of arbitrage betting, you must have a pretty fat bankroll and plenty of time. Remember that this betting type requires much effort and operational costs. Some bettors are involved in arbitrage betting on a professional level. In this case, costs are justified by high profits.

Arbitrage betting pitfalls

As betting websites are constantly changing their odds, the interval for arbitrage betting is only about 15 minutes. Time is key. But when pressed for time, a bettor may make mistakes. High-quality software is just what you need in this case. Bear in mind that t is pretty expensive, though.