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Political Betting

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Political Betting

UK political betting offers really great variety of odds on different events in socio-political life of the country. This can be matters of directly related to the functioning of the Parliaments or some kinds of elections and referendums. So to bet on politics is an exciting adventure!

Betting on politics is considered to be a real highlight in the world of gambling. A lot of punters wish to take part directly in the life of United Kingdom on the eve of important state-level events. That’s why many bookmakers’ offices offer broad line of betting odds politics thus fueling people interest.

The essentials in UK

The main event in UK politics betting is of course Next General Election. There are lots of options that can be taken. First of all, it’s General Election Result with such variants:

  • Conservative Majority;

  • No Overall Majority;

  • Labour Majority;

  • Liberal Democrat Majority;

  • UKIP Majority.

Bet On Political Election

And of course such political bets as “Year Of Next Election” are proposed:

  • 2020;

  • 2017;

  • 2019;

  • 2018.

The enhanced options can attribute to the number of seats in the Parliament which each party to take. Let’s take “How many seats will the Liberal Democrats win at the next general election?” with such answers: “5 or less”, “6-11”, “12 or more”. Besides gamblers may also define “When Will Jeremy Corbyn Leave The Post Of Labour Leader”.

Next important wager which is provided by political betting website refers to Prime Minister. It’s a kind of Outrights to choose from well-known persons. Moreover, punters have a possibility to choose leadership outright markets among three main parties: Next Permanent Conservative Leader, Next Labour Leader or Next Permanent Liberal Democrat Leader.

Political Betting

At the same time Scottish Independence matter is specials option in political betting. Despite its negative results in 2014 bookies suppose another Independence Referendum. Thus gamblers can choose some variants whether the event will take place “Before The End Of 2020” (Yes/No); “Before The End Of 2024” (Yes/No) or even whether “Scotland To Vote For Independence By End Of 2024” (Yes/No).

Special markets

Unlike the essential events specials are intended for amusement. For example, on some political betting sites such option as “Will Theresa May Be PM longer than Margaret Thatcher?” can be found with two possible variant More than 11 years 209 days/Less than 11 years 208 days. Similar wagers are “Boris Johnson Still Foreign Sec on Jan 1st 2018?” (Yes/No) and “Theresa May to be Prime Minister on the 31st December 2020” (Yes/No).

UK politics betting also spreads on relations with European Union. Especially, when it concerns Brexit. So such option is available as “In which year will the UK leave the EU?” with such possible wagers:

  • 2018 or earlier;

  • 2019;

  • 2020 or later.

Political Betting

In addition there is a possibility to bet on politics which is related only to UK. For example, “Next Leader To Leave” is chosen from five parties. Punters can also predict elections results in different regions, i.e. Stoke-on-Trent Central - By Election, Copeland By-Election, Greater Manchester Mayoral Election Outrights or West Midlands Mayoral Election Outrights. Another one peculiar thing refers to “Artlicle 50 to be triggered before the end of March 2017”.

So its main advantage is the relative slow pace of events in the country providing an excellent opportunity for comprehensive analysis as well as carrying out the most accurate conclusions. So there are many opportunities to self-confident punter who wants to try their hand at a new field of gambling.

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