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Eurovision Betting

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Eurovision Betting

Eurovision betting can compete in popularity with the most popular sports such as ice hockey, soccer or tennis in the last month of the spring. Almost every bookmaker’s office provides broad variety of odds on the favourite of this song contest. And if you're a bygone music lover and each year look for participants online why not to try your luck and place Eurovision bet on the winner.

Eurovision is a song contest which is held since 1956. It is truly considered as the father of many talented people in many countries. It was Celine Dion and ABBA became mega popular after this show. Up-to-date the competition is the most untwisted and discussed music event in the world.

Kinds of Outright bets

Such wide-spread annual song contest is very popular among online gamblers. Long before its start bookies analyse the singers’ talents and evaluate their possibility of win. Naturally, the main intrigue is the champion. Therefore Outrights markets at Eurovision betting odds are obligatory provided by bookmaker’s offices. So, music lovers have a great opportunity not only listen to compositions but gain benefits of it.

Eurovision Betting

There are two types of Outrights markets on the winner. You can place Eurovision bets either on definite singer or country of origin. But before this you need to recall some rules of this competition. It is obligatory that the country to be represented by only one participant. And the country must be a member of the European Broadcasting Union. During the show not more than five singers should be on the stage simultaneously.

Additional wagers

Choosing Eurovision song contest betting odds many bookmakers offer gamblers the most comfortable conditions. It is mistakenly to believe that money could be earned only on contest winner. For example, there are such markets as semi-finals winners or what country or singer to qualify to the final. Additionally you can bet on:

  • the comparison of two countries (who will be above or progress);

  • number of votes given to the singer;

  • who will be the worst in final or semis.

Eurovision Betting

Some hints

While Eurovision betting it is not necessary to focus completely on the singer, its composition and the song value. It had been proven several times that viewers in Europe can easily give their votes not to the best composition from a musical point of view but select the entertainment show. Austrian Conchita Wurst or Finnish Lordi are such striking example; they were not favorites but won the competition. The latest similar case occurred in 2016 when Ukrainian Jamala was victorious whereas initially it was doubtful if she could qualify to the final.

Among other Eurovision betting tips we can admit traditionally strong friendship relations between single countries. As the result, electors unite around one singer from neighbor state and vote almost always for him regardless of his performance level. So constantly practice, for example, Balkan countries, Scandinavian countries, the participants of the Caucasus, the former Soviet Union. Therefore, there is always a high probability that Portugal will leave its vote for Spain, or Austria for Germany.

Eurovision Betting

It needs to be said that bookmaker’s offices provide Outrights options to place Eurovision bet on national qualification tournaments in definite country. For example, United Kingdom organises UK Selection 'You Decide'. In Sweden Melodifestivalen is held with multistage selection system. Other states practise such competitions as Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (Finland), Sanremo (Italy), Söngvakeppnin (Iceland), Eesti Laul (Estonia), Australia Eurovision, Eurovisión España, A Dal (Hungary), Entscheidungsshow (Switzerland), Unser Song (Germany), Supernova (Latvia), Krajowe Eliminacje (Poland), Melodi Grand Prix (Denmark), Melodi Grand Prix (Norway), Belarus National Final, Ireland Eurovision, etc.

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