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Election Betting

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Election Betting

Alongside with traditional sports gambling bookmakers’ offices as a rule offer their customers election betting, i.e. political events. Earlier it was some kind of exotic but now it is difficult to surprise someone by betting on election. Currently this is a type of non-sports wages which are placed mainly for entertainment and attraction of new clients.

Unlike sports election betting does not require profound knowledge, analytics, comparing with previous results and etc. However, it is important to be up on of what is happening in the country and in the world to assume about the further authorities actions. Watching online election betting companies of candidates for high state positions gives a possibility to evaluate challenger chances.

Invaluable support in such gambling will provide various news portals, television, newspapers, Internet. But it’s not reasonable to trust only one source because there are often resources with a certain position not recognizing different opinion.

Political process can involve "dirty games". So there is no need to change the viewpoint each event happened or an article have read. You have to understand the overall political landscape of what is happening and then make a choice in favor of a particular event.

US voting

Of course you can use different polls. Bur recent US President voting proves that such results couldn’t be trusted. Hillary Clinton was the clear favourite but Donald Trump became a winner despite many expert predictions. Undoubtedly, bookies provided online odds as well as outright markets.

Election Betting

Now they propose for gamblers new outrights for the next presidential election betting 2020. Moreover, such specials as Duration of Donald Trump Presidency are available:

  • Wins 2020 Presidential;

  • Contests But Loses 2020 Presidential;

  • Fails To Serve Full Term or Contest 2020 Presidential;

  • Fails To Be Sworn In As President.

Voting in UK, France and Australia

United Kingdom is well-known for its parliament. So bookies provide betting odds on Next General Election which is scheduled to be held on Thursday 7 May 2020. Now the most seats (329) retain Conservative Party with Theresa May as prime minister. It is followed by Labour Party (231) with Jeremy Corbyn as a leader of the opposition. Subsequently bookmakers’ offices propose such UK General Election betting options as who will gain Most Seats:

  • Conservative;

  • Labour;

  • Any Other.

Election Betting

In France the presidential voting are nearer than in United Kingdom. The first round will be held on 23 April 2017. Incumbent president François Hollande of the Socialist Party is eligible to run for a second term, but declined to do so. Therefore bookies provide simple outrights for betting on election results:

  • Francois Fillon;

  • Marine Le Pen;

  • Emmanuel Macron;

  • Manuel Valls;

  • Arnaud Montebourg;

  • Jean-Luc Melenchon.

In Australia election is divided into state and federal level. This means gamblers may follow political processes in every state to determine which party will win seats in Legislative Assembly every four years. And now bookies propose such outrights for betting on election:

  • New South Wales State 2019;

  • Queensland State (2018 or Earlier);

  • South Australian State 2018 ;

  • Victorian State;

  • Western Australia State 2017.

Election Betting

Federal voting takes place every three years. The government has the Senate and the House of Representatives. So currently such options are available:

  • Next Australian Federal;

  • Federal Leadership;

  • Kanye West Special.

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