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Greyhound Dog Racing Betting

Greyhound betting is a bit exotic yet exciting betting type offered by many bookmakers. This sport has always had an aristocratic flavor to it. Few bettors know dog betting rules, though. Greyhound racing is a spectacular and unforgettable show, and bet on dogs makes it even more exciting to watch.

Most detailed information about Greyhound Dog Racing Betting

Special features and tricks of greyhound betting

Greyhound racing is especially loved in Great Britain. The first recorded attempt at racing dogs was made as early as 1776. The dogs can run at very high speed at short distances. Wide popularity of racing called for greyhound betting.

Special features and tricks of greyhound betting

How to pick the right bookmaker for greyhound betting

Like with any other sport, choosing a good and reliable bookmaker for greyhound derby betting is a very responsible task. Crucial factors to consider include rating position, reputation, financial record and other. Here are some other aspects you should take into account:

  • greyhound racing availability in line;

  • bookmaker’s profit margin;

  • odds for betting on dogs;

  • selection of sports and outcomes in line;

  • opportunities for live greyhound betting;

  • loyalty programs, special offers, bonuses, etc.

The betting site greyhounds offers the best wagering options. This article includes some helpful guidelines to make your stakes even more profitable.

Dog betting tips and secrets

Analytical work is equally important whether you are betting online and watching a live broadcast, or are enjoying a race right at the racetrack. As greyhound racing does not receive much media coverage, collecting information and statistical data may be difficult. To make a prediction for greyhounds betting, you need to:

  • analyze the results of the last 4-6 races to find out physical condition of each hound (dogs tend to participate in 4-6 consecutive races and then have a rest);

  • study all statistics available on the potential winner;

  • take into account racetrack cover and distance;

  • using your intuition, try to predict the outcome of the previous race. Then check the result to see whether you were right. If you guessed right, you are ready to test your luck and skills in dog betting.

Greyhound betting secrets

Greyhound bets types and strategies

Below we have listed the most popular greyhound bets types:

  • Win only (Straight stake) – You greyhound bet on a winner at specific odds;

  • Place only – Select a dog to finish first or second;

  • Forecast – Select two dogs to finish first and second in the correct order;

  • Trio (Triffecta) – Select three dogs to finish first, second and third in correct order;

  • Supertriffecta - Select four dogs to finish first, second, third and fourth in exact chosen order.

  • Combination wagers – Select two to four dogs to win in specified order;

  • Two twists (simplified Forecast bet) - Select two dogs to finish first and second in either order;

  • The Plum (a more complicated Forecast stake) – Select two winners of two consecutive races;

  • The Duella – The same but in either order;

  • Show – Select a dog that finishes either first, second or third.

Greyhound Betting

Beginner Greyhound betting tips

If you’re a beginning bettor who wants to know how to bet at the dogs, this article is just what you need. With our recommendations, you’ll learn how to place successful stakes. Let’s start with some basic tips every bettor should know about.

  1. To make money on betting, you need to be a balanced and reserved person. Never use your last or borrowed money on stakes.

  2. Avoid real-money play for the first couple of days. Download a program to make your wagering process easier. Find out how to use ladder techniques and switch between different bets.

  3. Play around with different strategies (such as favorite, outside, etc.). Remember Tip #1, though.

  4. Do research and analyze important factors beforehand. Place a bet on your selected dog right before the race starts.

  5. Avoid uncommon races. Start with A-grade races over middle distance (450-550 meters).

  6. А1, А2, and А3 races feature more or less equal competitors, meaning that every dogs stands a chance to win. Races А9, А10, А11, on the contrary, feature dogs whose winning odds are drastically different. However, there is always a possibility that an outsider may beat a favorite. This is why you should avoid such risky races.

  7. Follow the odds on the dog you’re betting to lose. If the odds tumbled from 9-10 to 6-7 or lower, you should better skip the race. Chances are that the dog may come in first.

  8. If you’re unsure about the outcome, you should better quit to save your money.

  9. Never lay “dark horses” and dogs with little statistical data.

  10. Check out greyhound results the betting site to find out how many wins your selected dog has had over its racing career.

  11. To achieve success, you need to stay focused.

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Posts: 1
Reply #4 on : Sun February 26, 2017, 16:43:05
i think it's good to have a cool head when you bet. i became betting a year ago. now i can say that i was a big fool when i started. i didn't monitor previous races and bet on intuition. don't do this if you are the beginner. try to concentrate on what you want from betting!
Posts: 1
Reply #3 on : Tue February 21, 2017, 21:32:18
It's just a competition between dogs, there is nothing wrong in it. And dogs have good conditions because they bring money for their owners. I like to watch dog racing and want to start betting on it. There are many good tips in this article, thanks a lot!
Posts: 1
Reply #2 on : Thu February 16, 2017, 22:55:04
Oh, little girl who likes dogs... Lets be honest, there are crime and violence in our world that is much worse than just dogs who run to win and to make their owners happy.. and many other people who bet, as well! So, it isn't a place for crying, it's a place to bet. You can find thousands of other sites where you will see worse conditions for animals but you chose this one just to quarrel. ha-ha-ha
Posts: 1
Reply #1 on : Wed February 15, 2017, 23:21:33
As for me, this kind of betting is awful. Dogs are our friends, and here they are just machines to make money. It's not a sport, it's abuse. I like other sports betting like tennis, football, gold, but mere not this awful one((