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About cricket betting. Specificity and features

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About cricket betting. Specificity and features

Cricket is an exciting sport game played with a bat and a ball on a cricket field. The game of cricket is played between two teams. Each team is made up of 11 cricket players. The primary goal is to score more runs than the opponent.

The game of cricket consists of one or several equal parts (phases) called ‘innings’. Each team is batting and fielding once in each innings.

General cricket betting rules

1. If a cricket match you’re betting started but was interrupted, postponed or cancelled due to any reason, and neither of the teams was celebrated the winner, your bet will be cancelled. The only exceptions are bets whose results are already known despite premature game ending.

2. If during the match a ball was not bowled, all bets made by bookmaker clients are also cancelled. As in the previous case, this does not go for bets whose results are already known.

3. If the match was shortened or changed due to unfavorable weather conditions, all match betting will be settled in strict accordance with the official protocol and other respective documents. Bear in mind that this rule may not apply to cricket matches for which the Duckworth–Lewis method can be used.

4. If the result of a cricket game was determined through a bowl off, then bets placed on either team to win the match will be considered void.

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